Our Progress Towards Sustainability Objectives

Quality Education

Through our active participation in the Prameya Foundation’s Paathshala program, Mon Exports is dedicated to empowering communities by providing essential education and skill development opportunities. We understand the critical role that teachers play in shaping the minds of future generations. To support their invaluable work, we proudly contribute to teachers’ salaries, ensuring they are well-compensated, motivated, and equipped to unlock the potential within each child. The Prameya Foundation is committed to tackling the challenges that children face in accessing quality education. By supporting this initiative, we aim to create an environment conducive to learning, one that bridges educational gaps and promotes the holistic development of every student. Our efforts focus on nurturing a culture of continuous growth and learning, ensuring that children receive the education and skills necessary to thrive in today’s world.

One Bag and One Mangrove Project

Our 2023-initiated “One Bag and One Mangrove” project is evidence of our dedication to environmental preservation. One mangrove tree is planted for each bag that is sold. Mangroves are essential to coastal ecosystems because they operate as natural carbon sinks, prevent erosion, and provide home for marine life. Our mission is to involve our consumers in our sustainability efforts while restoring and safeguarding these essential ecosystems. Mangroves are essential for controlling climate change because they sequester carbon dioxide. In order to act as carbon “sinks,” mangroves store carbon for later generations. Mangroves store most of their carbon in their root systems and surrounding soil, as opposed to terrestrial forests, which store most of their carbon in the trunk and branches.

Life Below Water

We have made great progress in safeguarding aquatic habitats and marine life. One of them is recycled fabric manufactured from Ocean Bond Plastic (OBP). Ocean-bound plastic is a common material found around coasts and seriously degrades ecosystems and marine life. Plastic trash entangles and contaminates marine life, resulting in harm and even death. A variety of marine species are impacted by microplastics, which are created when bigger plastic objects break down and accumulate in the food chain. Additionally, plastic pollution drowns seabed and coral reef ecosystems, destroying habitats and reducing biodiversity. To solve this environmental problem and save our seas, we must reduce plastic consumption, enhance trash management, plan cleanups, increase public awareness, and support legislative initiatives.
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Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

We are committed to promoting women’s empowerment through our initiatives. We encourage the production of weaved products, which comes from the artisans of small communities. This will not only support women artisans but also promote gender equality. By creating economic opportunities for artisans, we contribute to women empowerment and the overall well-being of their communities.

Improved Sanitation Facilities

We take pride in our efforts to provide ample sanitation facilities in our factories. Adequate washrooms are essential for maintaining hygiene and ensuring the well-being of our employees. This initiative supports better health outcomes and promotes a safe working environment.

Industry, Innovation and infrastructure.

Our primary objective is to promote inclusive, sustainable, and resilient economic growth. We achieve this by employing state-of-the-art technologies and making strategic investments to improve the quality and accessibility of infrastructure. This not only facilitates economic diversification and industrialization but also prioritizes sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact and optimize resource efficiency. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our printing processes. We use limited chemical printing solutions, water-based glues, and less harmful dyes. These practices reduce environmental impact and ensure that our products are made in an eco-friendly manner. We engage in implementing advanced solutions that enhance connectivity, foster industrial innovation, and establish robust infrastructure systems. Through these collaborative efforts, we aim to create lasting benefits for communities while advancing towards a future that aligns with global sustainability goals.

Workplace Safety and Well-being

Our top priority at Mon Exports is the security and welfare of our workers. We have established a special committee at our factories to deal with problems like sexual harassment and misconduct. This program is a part of our ongoing effort to keep the workplace a courteous, safe, and encouraging place for all employees. We make sure that our workers can work with confidence and flourish professionally by cultivating a culture of decency and respect for one another. Across all of our activities, we consistently aim to follow the highest standards of worker safety and moral behavior.

Responsible Consumption and Production

We’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint with renewable energy. By 2025, our goal is for 70% of our electricity to come from solar power. We’ve begun installing solar panels and optimizing our factories for natural light and ventilation. These efforts cut reliance on non-renewable energy, promoting a healthier, efficient workplace.In addition to our existing materials like Leather, Canvas, Cork, Jute, and Polyester, we’re excited to introduce products made from Ocean Bound Plastic Recycled Polyester Fabric. Certified by Zero Plastic Ocean, this furthers our commitment to sustainability.Recently, we’ve invested in advanced air cushion filling machines using recycled film. These not only enhance packaging quality but also support sustainability by reducing deforestation. The recyclable films can be easily disposed of in recycling bins across Europe and the USA, streamlining the recycling process and benefiting society.

Fair Wages and Safe working Conditions

We prioritize the well-being and professional development of our workforce by ensuring equitable wages, safe working environments, and ongoing skill enhancement opportunities. By aligning with stringent standards such as SEDEX 4 Pillar, SA 8000, and ISO, we uphold ethical labor practices and foster sustainable expansion. Our collaborations with certified ethical sourcing platforms extend our impact to include informal waste collectors, bolstering local economies and offering secure, dignified employment prospects. Through these initiatives, we not only stimulate economic advancement but also uphold our steadfast dedication to social accountability and environmental sustainability.

Our Plan Of Action