Factory Facilities

At Mon Exports, we are highly committed to High Standards of Quality. All of our suppliers are selected with quality & professional working practices in mind.We ensure that ethical working standards are part of our every day Quality Management System..
Mon India leather export prides it’s self on the flexibility and quality of production facilities. Whilst we maintain absolute quality at all times, our facilities are such that we can take time needed for intricate, complex and detailed jobs – whilst maintaining the same level of quality for more regular simple jobs.
At every stage of the production process we employ quality control, ensuring that no matter how small, each and every step of production is managed to ensure the final product will reach you exactly as specified. Maintaining and managing top quality, speed of delivery, access to skills and machinery are of utmost importance. And we pride ourselves in out small yet skilled labour force.
At Mon India, we specialise in the production of all leather goods, and have the facilities at hand to produce any number of types of leather goods. With local access to tanneries, hardware, trims, zips, fabric clothes we are able to rapidly prototype and then run to production very fast.
With recent investment the machinery we have on site is always of modern and clean specification, yet we pride ourselves on the skilled technicians and labour staff, who themselves enjoy working to the highest of standards.
Please find on this page examples of work, and the workers at the facilities.
Brand new technology and constant innovation in the production process. Duerkopp-Adler free arm and post bed machinery complements skilled and highly trained workers.