The pandemic has continued to have a devastating impact around the world. That is why we remain focused on continuing to use our size and scale, as well as our commitment to social responsibility, to support and help communities.
From our supply chain, to our factory, and right through to our employees, we are working around the clock to ensure that we continue to meet the needs during this difficult time.
Our actions include :
1) Keeping our employees safe , healthy and supported.
2) In addition to our normal hygiene standards, putting in place additional safety measures in our factory & office. Providing sanitizers, masks and thermal scanning at regular intervals.
3) For employees in our factory, offering transport for staff to help reduce the risk .
4) Offering generous sick leave arrangements for those who contract the virus.
5) Providing cash advances for those in financial distress.

We will surely overcome this and hope for things to get back to normal soon.