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This is the Mon India for fashion and trust. A company that combines fashion and comfort to accompany you every step ahead in life. Throughout its journey, Mon India has combined professionalism and determination to develop unique & Quality products for its valued consumers.

Ocean Bound Plastic

We have started making bags and accessories out of Ocean Bound Plastic Recycled Fabric. We have developed an ethical supply chain, with our partners collecting plastic bottles and other kinds of plastic and preventing them from entering the seas and ocean. Recycling the collected plastic into fine polyester fabric. Once the fabric reaches us, we make Bags and accessories out of it ,for brands and companies based all over the world.

SEDEX 4 PILLAR Audited & SA8000 Certified

Since the very beginning, we as a company , wanted to be as good as possible with limited resources.
However, in a country like India ,getting socially audited to check if we are up to the Standards, with our labor and welfare policies, was very much important.
So, we have been audited under SA8000 and SEDEX 4-pillar, to check ourselves. We would request buyers all over the world to buy products from socially certified companies as labor exploitation still remains a global issue.

Empowering Women

Here at Mon Exports, we work with female artisans from the rural areas and provide them with economical opportunities. We seek to empower women to reach their full potential and serve as role models to younger girls and the society at large. We would like to thank the brands who have helped us with this initiative and we wish more could join us in this venture.

Collaborating with Prameya Foundation

We have taken a positive initiative toward sustainability and social welfare by collaborating with a Non-Profit Organization called Prameya Foundation. Prameya Foundation has their School (Paathshala) and our Organization is assisting by providing salaries to the teachers of the School, we’ve also been taking care of the financially backward community of the Sundarbans. Recently, we came-up with an environmental conservation programme, where we encouraged our buyers to pay 50 cents (USD) extra on every purchase towards the plantation of Mangrove trees in Sundarbans. As we believe in achieving our objectives by causing minimal damage to the environment.

Cutting Edge Digital Printing Setup

We are thrilled to announce that we have introduced a cutting-edge digital printing setup at our factory, bringing state-of-the-art technology right to your doorstep!
Our new setup includes top-of-the-line equipment such as the Mimaki Sublimation printer, DTF printer, Plotter machines, Heat press machines, and more.
This investment reflects our commitment to providing the best printing solutions for our customers and staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

Product Development Cycle

We are here to work with you. At every stage.